Since 1969, Azimut has been striving to set a new standard in the industry, applying its forward-facing attitude to construct beautiful and avant-garde yachts with an emotional appeal. Over time, its innovative vision has surprised and captivated the public with its original design, technology and layout solutions, transforming the brand into a bold and iconic benchmark in the yachting sector.

1969 1969
  • The foundation of a dream
    The university student, Paolo Vitelli, founds Azimut Srl, a sailing yacht chartering business. In time, an increasing number of top yachting brands turn to the company to distribute their boats in Italy.

1975 1975
  • A grande prelude: the AZ 43’ Bali
    Azimut expands its offer, entering a new territory by beginning to design its proprietary yachts. The first creation to be launched is the innovative and groundbreaking fiberglass boat named AZ 43’ Bali.

1977 1977
  • Targa time: introducing the AZ 32’
    This revolutionary cruiser designed by John Bennett, is the first of its kind in the boat industry. Nicknamed the ‘Ford T of the sea’, the AZ 32’ immediately attracts the attention of new and diverse ship owners, naturally becoming a must for sea and wind lovers alike with its raised wheelhouse and opening sunroof.

1982 1982
  • Failaka 105, a fiberglass icon
    A fiberglass pioneer, Azimut is the first to apply this material to the construction of yachts of over 30 meters. The Failaka 105 officially becomes the largest fiberglass boat ever built and a favorite among some of the most experienced sea connoisseurs of the time, from Onassis to Rockefeller to Sheikh Al Aalem Al Sabali.
    1982_AZ 105 FAILAKA

1985 1985
  • Going even bigger with Benetti
    Azimut acquires Benetti, the heritage-rich boat builder born in 1873 and known for its prestigious megayacht concepts. This renovated company structure now enables Azimut to innovate the sector’s aesthetic and functional standards, delivering surprising details such as spectacular frameless windows, electric seats and walnut interiors.

1988 1988
  • Atlantic Challenger, ocean ambition
    As a young but audacious shipyard, Azimut decides to undertake a brave initiative: gain the Blue Riband acknowledgement via a transatlantic crossing without refueling. It participates with the Atlantic Challenger; a yacht designed in collaboration with Pininfarina and equipped with a Fiat-based navigation system.

1991 1991
  • A frameless window winner
    Modulating car construction techniques to serve its purpose, Azimut introduces uninterrupted windows in the nautical sector. By gluing them directly onto the fiberglass, this new design makes for a sleek and clean-cut aesthetic. In 1999, Azimut will go on to develop curvilinear windows, molding the fiberglass into a soft and flowing look.
  • Azimut 65 Pininfarina, a powerful partnership
    The Italian excellence and design house, known for its work on iconic cars such as Ferrari, is invited to collaborate on Azimut’s latest addition. A pure style statement, the Azimut 65 is harmonious and practical, empowered by curated details and comfortable living solutions. The ad showcasing it, sums up a story of desire and success with a memorable headline: “Not available in red”.

2000 2000
  • A worldwide megayacht leader
    The illustrious Global Order Book by BOAT International crowns the Azimut | Benetti Group as the world's top superyacht manufacturer. A record that has been renewed constantly since then.

2003 2003
  • Dare to amaze twice with Azimut 68S
    The Azimut 68S revolutionizes the sport yacht segment as the very first nautical coupé, bringing twice the level of innovation you would expect. It not only replaces the traditional portholes with large hull windows to create a light-flooded ambience with a unique sea view, but also revises the concept of onboard space entirely.

2009 2009
  • Magellano 74, the first crossover yacht
    A modern version of the classic and comfort-loving trawler, the Magellano 74 expresses sumptuous Italian allure through refined and comfort-loving interiors. Designed by Ken Freivokh, the first nautical crossover ever created is built to cover great distances in all weather conditions, while offering the perfect habitat for long but sophisticated sea stays.

2015 2015
  • A carbon fiber pioneer
    As iconic as it gets, the Azimut Fly 72 is the brand’s first carbon-tech generation design statement as well as the first ever carbon fiber experiment in the nautical sector, making Azimut an absolute pioneer in its application. The all-carbon superstructure endows this model with a stronger but lighter body, delivering a more dynamic but stable yachting experience while enabling it to increase onboard volume and living comfort. A true power mark.

2016 2016
  • Welcome outboard engine
    Azimut officially debuts in the outboard motor segment with a novel weekender boat series aptly named Verve. The heightened responsiveness, handling and performance qualities ideally express the dynamic and sporting DNA of this small but attitude-rich series, and unexpectedly unite with luxurious and comfortable onboard habitats, making Verve a surprising sea gem.

2019 2019
  • Hello NYCxDESIGN
    For the first time in history, a yacht drops anchor in Times Square. An unexpected spectacle, the Azimut S6 plays protagonist at New York's 2019 design festival, embodying the connection generated by art, yachting and design in the form of a sensational installation in the heart of the city.

2020 2020
  • The Magellano 25M stars in “Open your eyes”
    In the short film by the esteemed director, Gabriele Muccino, the Magellano 25M designed by Vincenzo de Cotiis represents Azimut’s art-sensitive soul and the most authentic Italian dimension. A deep and fascinating journey through pure beauty, made in Italy excellence and craftsmanship.

2021 2021
  • Azimut Grande Trideck: three decks + one
    Forging a new nautical language by redefining the classic triple-decker concept, the Grande Trideck interprets the onboard environment and spaces anew through a fascinating sequence of four cascading terraces. From the stunning sea view terrace to the sea-skimming beach area, this stately flagship epitomizes the ultimate ocean experience.
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